Now you can plan and manage your VM export tasks with just one click!


XenToolBox incorporates a simple and intuitive export planning system. You can select the VM you want with a simple click.

This system allows you to have all your Pool planned in time to make backups of your VM by tasks, each task can be set to export the frequency with which it will run.
At any time you can check the status of its exports, with a detailed summary of each of them.

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XenToolBox provides a file with detailed information of each VM.
Performance graphs show in real time the performance of the CPU, the memory being used, the network traffic rate, rate of reading and writing to disk.

For each VM, you can perform several actions such as reboot, stop or start your VM with just one click
History of exports of the VM with detailed information such as: status of the export, date, start time, duration and size

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XenToolBox allows you perform a detailed monitoring of the status of your Pool.

You can review general data like the total number of CPUs of the Pool or the available RAM space. You can also check a list of the hosts and their VM with information about the number of CPUs of each of them, allocated memory, percentage of use of the CPU and an indicator of the status of the VM. The XenToolBox allows you to reboot, stop and start your VM with just one click!

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  • XenToolBox has been a great ally in managing Xen and Backup everyday. For me, as and administrator, which gives me peace of mind is accessibility support team
    Francisco Ayala - Grupo Control
  • Easy to install, easy to manage, easy to recover for scheduled snapshot backup on XEN Pool
    Tezcan Gulnaz - Versacom Solutions
  • XenToolBox provided us Backup solution that fits our needs: low cost, easy to use, web-based management and high speed restoration and backup of virtual machines. I consider service and support as fundamental aspects; and XenToolBox team offers quick solutions to our request
    Andrew Riddell - Brisbane Motorway Services

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