Tutorial: Set an Export Task

One advantage of XenToolBox against other Xen management software is how easy it is planning exports.

Simply select the virtual machines that will be included in the export task and indicate the following parameters:


Name: Descriptive name of the export task

Start: Date and time start of export

Format: choose one of the 2 possible export formats

  • XVA: a single file with .xva extension for each VM of the export task.
  • OVF: 1 file with .ovf extension + 1 file for each disk of VM exported.

Periodicity: Choose how often you are going to export the task we are configuring:

  • Daily: The export task will be performed everyday
  • Weekly: The export task will be performed every week, on the selected days
  • Monthly: The export task will be performed once a month on the day specified.

Max Exports. Maximum number of exports maintained per task for each VM.  For example, if you specify a maximum of 2 exports, for each VM task, 2 exports will be maintained , eliminating one of these 2 when a new export is performed.

Volume Snapshot Service: Only applicable to Windows machines. The Snapshot prior to export is performed using Shadow Copy.

* It is recommended to have an email account configured to receive status notifications of your export tasks.

You can track the status of your export tasks on different screens: