Tutorial: XenToolBox Initial Setup

How to Setup and Install XenToolBox in less than 10 minutes

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Step 0: Updates up

  • Step 0: Updates Up

    When the application is imported, updates are automatically searched and are applied at the moment…

Step 1: User Login

  • Step 1: User Login

    Initial Configuration Wizard XenToolBox.

    Now, you can register.
    If you have already an account of XenToolBox, you can login.



Step 2: Select Subscription

  • Step 2: Select Subscription

    You can select a license that you already bought or buy other licenses.





    If you decided buy a license of XenToolBox, a new window will appear, where you have that complete with your billing address.


Step 3: Network Setup

  • Step 3: Network Setup

    Then select the Network connection parameters for XenToolBox Instance, it will be configured automatically for DHCP by default.

    This configuration does not take place until you restart the instance.


Step 4: XenServer Settings

  • Step 4: XenServer Settings

    The next step, consist in complete the fields with the xenserver’s data.

    Pool Master connection IP: enter the pool master host IP.

    User: user to access to Xen Pool.

    Password: user password for the Pool.

    Observations: put here any relevation info.


Step 5: XenToolBox Appliance Setup

  • Step 5: XenToolBox Appliance Setup

    In the next step, you must select from all the options displayed in the drop, the name you assigned to the XenToolBox instance to import it to your XenServer Pool.

    Time Zone: Select Time Zone, this configuration not take place until you restart XenToolBox Machine.

    Date and Time: XenToolBox acquires the time and date automatically according to your time zone, anyway, you can establish it manually.

    This step is very important if you want an optimal performance of the application


Step 6: Review Settings

  • Step 6: Review Settings

    To finish the wizard, you should review which the configuration is correct.




    In case you have to pay a license of XenToolBox, you can pay with PayPal or card.