Tutorial: Recover a backup made with XenToolBox

Backups catalog.

Recovery from a backup made with XenToolBox will be made through the Backups catalog.

As our timeline forward and we go storing xen virtual machines copies, the catalog will increase, so that in the left column will have a record for each machine and for each date, and time in which you backed.

Since each of the copies we can access the files in Zip format if we choose OVF or XVA format.

If we want to create a new virtual machine from a previous state, we will select the Recover option and we will fill out the form to create the new machine.

Once you have chosen all the data, the recovery will be added to the job queue, and if there is no running job, it will be launched then.

If XenToolBox deduplication repository is enabled, to retrieve a backup is always needed a XenToolBox instance.