New features and bug fixes

New Features

  1. Ability to update the license application from a demo version expired.
  2. Added sending end emails in import duties.
  3. Added UTC time zone.
  4. Optimizing storage assembly process. Changed the operation of the UI to avoid locking sensation that happened when you created and mounted storage.
  5. In ongoing and queued tasks each of the elements that have not yet been executed is shown.
  6. Added the possibility to establish a personalized email account for each backup job.


Bug Fixes

  1. Improved how email notifications are sent avoiding duplicate arriving ship.
  2. The automatic assembly repositories backups did not work properly on reboot.
  3. Fixed bug that prevented the timezone correctly safekeeping.
  4. Deleting backups catalog items did not update properly the list creating confusion.
  5. Widgets header interface did not show information correctly.
  6. It has been introduced a better error management involving virtual machines that have been deleted from the pool.


  1. Fabrice TATON 25 March, 2015 Reply


    few improvments woudl be appreciated :

    1) a refresh button / function to retrieve new vms created after XenToolBox VM first configuration (from now,i need to restart teh appliance to reach newly created VM)
    2) multiple admin logins to replace the email sent for gereratin the appliance, with delagated administrative rights
    3) SNMP agent installed with a GUI to configure it (many of my customers have a system management solution, such as nagios)
    4) French translation

    XenToolBox is a great product really appreciated by my first deployed customer and surely by the next one (deployment on april).


  2. Fabrice TATON 30 October, 2015 Reply


    a usefull function would be to see the overall planning tasks and the abaility to export this planning to be used in a spreadsheet (one of my customer is n ow backuping more than 50 VMs).


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