Tutorial: Set Boot Order.

Another advantage of XenToolBox against other Xen administration tools is the possibility to manage the boot order of virtual machines, establishing a specific delay for each one, if it was necessary. In this way we can ensure that the boot time of each machine, it will have all the resources and services they need, and they have been enabled during the delay assigned to the machine.

The management of the boot order is very simple: you just have to add to the list the machines that we want to be auto-boot, click on the name of each machine, order and drag it to the position in the list in which you wish the machine to start, being the machine with more boot priority, the first of the list, and the machine with less priority, the last one of the list. Then for each one we have to set the delay in relation to the machine starting immediately before.



The XenToolBox auto-boot overrides auto-start implemented default by Xen. So, including a VM on a boot priority planning, the auto-start implemented is desactivated. Similarly, when you delete a VM from a priority boot configuration by XenToolBox, the auto-start set of Xen re-enable.

It´s possible to deactivate the auto-run function. The boot configuration that is set at that moment, will be recorded, so that when it is activated again, the setting will remain the same.

Proper configuration of automated VM boot is important because of a possible blackout of these will be automatically torn, minimizing the time that the VM stop offering its resources and services.